Frequently Asked Questions

What is Your Shipping Policy?

Shipping is an available option to customers, but it can be an expensive option. Unfortunately, shipping prices have gone up several times in the last year and half and has impacted every industry. So although Lekkco offers shipping as a convenient option for those who want home delivery, we always suggest that each charity create a singular (or sometimes multiple) "pick-up event" for customers to obtain their product orders in-person and avoid shipping fees.  Please contact your organization directly with any questions if there are issues with being able to pick up your order during the scheduled date and time they have provided in conjunction with your fundraiser.  Due to concerns of Covid-19 spread, some organizations have chosen shipping as the only method for order delivery. If you have additional questions, contact us at

What is Your Return Policy?

We hope that you LOVE Lekkco and that you have received your products in perfect shape, and ready to be a loyal Lekkco tribe member! If that's not the case, give us a call at 877- 665-1897 or send an email with details to:  

Where can I buy Lekkco?

Lekkco Belgian dark chocolate spread is sold at all Kroger grocery stores in 42 markets (some Kroger stores have different names in each market) across the United States. In Chicagoland, you can find Lekkco chocolate spreads at every Mariano's and Jewel, although not every store carries all four flavors. You can always buy all the Lekkco you love on our website and even through Amazon!


If you would like to contact us and suggest a grocery store or retail area you think we should be carried, please let us know! We are expanding our national distribution all the time! Feel free to email with suggestions, questions, or if you want to carry our product!

Is my purchase or "added donation" tax-deductible?

No. Although Lekkco will be giving 33% of every purchase directly to the non-profit you are supporting, as well as 100% of every "added donation", Lekkco itself is a for-profit organization. This means we are unable to provide customers and supporters with a tax receipt for their donation. To be completely transparent, Lekkco is simply acting as a channel through which we can offer charities the opportunity to raise as much funds as possible with our help. We know that offering the option of adding donations at checkout works to maximize their fundraising potential, and we're happy to assist them with every way possible to increase the impact they can make on doing good things in the world.  Lekkco provides every nonprofit organization with detailed reporting of all sales and donations made to their campaign weekly, as by law, we are only able to receive a tax benefit from donating the 33% of product purchases to each nonprofit organization. Lekkco uses this tax benefit to cover this website's platform costs and credit card processing fees, so that we don't have to pass them on to customers or the organization, or lose money ourselves, meaning everyone wins! And at Lekkco, that's just the way we like it!


Chocolate4Charity is a way for Lekkco to share its delicious product with new people and help incredible organizations achieve their mission at the same time. Together, we're #ChangingtheWorldwithChocolate

If you require a tax receipt for your donation or prefer to give another amount than the options provided by the Chocolate4Charity fundraiser, feel free to contact the 501(3)(c) non-profit organization you are choosing to support directly. 

What if I can't make it to the product pick-up event my organization has scheduled?

Please contact the organization you are supporting directly to inquire about an alternative date and time where you can obtain your purchase(s).

What are some of the best ways to enjoy eating Lekkco Belgian Chocolate Spread?

Traditionally in Belgium, chocolate spread is enjoyed on bread or toast, waffles, pancakes, muffins, and served at various times of the day. However at Lekkco, we certainly turn things up a notch! Visit our website to find recipes for appetizers, drinks, charcuterie trays, sweet and savory treats for anyone and everyone to enjoy!


And we mean that. Whether you're vegan, have a gluten allergy, a peanut-allergy, are diabetic, dieting, or just love chocolate so much that you want new ideas for how to add more of the premium dark chocolatey good stuff into your life any which way you can - we got ya covered! Check out our recipes here.