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The Chocolate4Charity fundraising program was created as another way for Lekkco to Spread the LOVE.  It's something we take very seriously at Lekkco, both figuratively and literally. We believe chocolate makes people happier and makes them feel better. Our Chocolate4Charity Program creates a winning opportunity to raise funds for various causes that we and our customers care about, while introducing our delicious chocolate spread to people across the U.S. in an effort to create more smiles among us all. 


Through proceeds from Lekkco's Chocolate4Charity fundraising program, organizations receive 33% of every product purchase made by their supporters, and 100% of all "add-on" amounts that may be chosen at check-out. Our turn-key fundraising program allows us to work hand-in-hand with organizations to maximize the the funds you can raise to support their mission. It's Lekkco's way of doing what it can to make the world a happier and more delicious place for all of us to live, love, and thrive. 

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It all started when Jennifer Lukas, a Chicagoan, met Bram Bourgeois, a Belgian. Bram, like most Belgians, knew the joy of chocolate for breakfast, and when he introduced Lukas to the concept, it quickly became her new breakfast staple.


After years of transporting Belgian chocolate spreads back home, sharing with friends, hearing their delight and love for the product, and realizing there was nothing like it available in the U.S., the Bourgeois’ saw the viability of a new company. Fifteen years after Jennifer’s first taste, the Bourgeois’ brought their favorite chocolate treat to the United States and launched Lekkco in 2017. You can now find Lekkco Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread, along with additional flavors, sold in all major grocery stores in 42 major markets across the United States!

Lekkco is the first low-sugar, peanut-free, gluten-free, and vegan, chocolate spread on the market, and a much healthier alternative to other chocolate/nut spreads available. 


“With the increased awareness of food allergens, the negative impact of sugar on health and desire to make good food choices, it was obvious the U.S. market is ready for a healthier alternative to get their sweet fix.”                                 - Jennifer Lukas-Bourgeois

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LEKKCO is a premium all-natural Belgian dark chocolate spread that’s a peanut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO and Vegan recipe.


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Lacey S. - Testimonial Pic.jpg

Lacey Siomos

Lekkco is my absolute favorite vegan-friendly chocolate spread - it's an all-purpose ingredient in my kitchen, from dessert, to breakfast, to lunch, it's creamy chocolate texture is delightful and rich.


I love that it's allergy friendly too, so I can share it with friends and family without worry. My favorite way to eat it is directly with a spoon!”

Having a Donut

Jennifer B.

"My children love Lekkco. They will eat it on anything too which makes fruits and veggies easier to add into any meal or school lunch. The fact that it is lower in sugar than most chocolate spreads helps too.  They view it as a treat and I view it as a win.”

Children's Cooking Class

Samantha Stevens

I'm always on the hunt for something new and delicious, but healthy to feed my kids on the go. But with my youngest daughter having an allergy to peanuts, a lot of other spreads in the grocery aisle are not an option. Finding Lekkco was the best thing since sliced bread in our house! All three kids love it! We use Lekkco in lots of homemade recipes and they don't even realize it's a smarter chocolate choice with only 4 grams of sugar in each serving. I LOVE when that happens, win-win!



While Lekkco is an easy, spreadable and dip-able treat to be enjoyed for breakfast or as a snack, its consistency expands its use to flavoring, drizzle, filling and much more. When heated, it softens to extend its use to a wide variety of breakfast, dessert and fondue options. Look at all the amazing things that can be made with Lekkco!! Find recipes and recommended uses for all things yummy and delicious using Lekkco at: www.Lekkco.com

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