Your non-profit organization will receive 100% of this added donation! That means every penny will directly impact their mission. 

Add-On Donation (5-IDA)

  • 100 percent of these add-on donations will go directly to the non-profit organization. However, since they are being funneled through a for-profit organization, we are unable to provide a tax receipt. To be fully transparent, Lekkco is using the tax deduction from these fundraiser donations to cover the cost of the webbsite costs and credit card fees, so that we don't have to pass those onto the charitable organization. When we created this program, we wanted to make sure it was a win-win situation for each program, but moreso for the organization and their mission! If you would like to make a donation to their organization in a larger amount, or require a tax receipt, please donate to them dorectly via their website.