Lekkco's 4 Pack containing TWO of each of our most popular flavors:

(2) - 9.5 oz. jars of Lekkco's Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread

(2) - 9.5 oz. jars of Lekkco's Caramel & Sea Salt Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread


Share with someone you LOVE or keep the extra jars all to yourself...we won't judge! Besides, it's always good to know you have more Lekkco just as you're scraping the last bit of chocolate spread from every part of the jar with your finger. We get it.  It's. BELGIAN. CHOCOLATE. Spread.

Lekkco's Favorites 4-Pack (6-Lyle)

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  • Lekkco Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread is made from a premium all natural recipe that is peanut free*, gluten-free, non-gmo, dairy-free, and vegan. With only 4 grams of sugar in each serving, Lekkco is beloved by anyone who wishes to indulge in creamy and delicious Belgian chocolate but appreciates its healthier and allergy free benefits compared to anything else currently available or next to us in the "spreads" aisle of their local grocery store.